Letter from the President

Letter from the President

Katie Coates, Ph.D., McKinsey & Company

Katie Coates, Ph.D. & President of the Workflow Learning & Performance Alliance

I am excited to welcome you to the Workflow Learning & Performance Alliance!

Most of us are experiencing momentous changes in our organizations due to rapid technological advancements, increased competitive pressures, and ever-changing talent needs and availability. All of these changes have a significant impact on our learning functions. We are being asked to “train” more people – faster, better, and cheaper – on a daily basis. Our old models of learning and development are just not enough anymore. We have to start focusing on the workflow to have the agility that is needed to thrive in this environment and to continuously improve the performance of our people.

This Workflow Learning & Performance Alliance provides a vibrant space for business and operations leaders, learning leaders, learning experience designers, performance consultants, developers, etc. to learn about workflow learning and performance solutions, share experiences and best practices, and help co-create the much-needed discipline of workflow learning and performance.

I’ve seen the power of workflow learning in my own work. Based on my personal experiences, I decided to focus on the adoption of workflow learning solutions in my dissertation research. There is so much work we need to do to create understanding and awareness of these solutions, and to develop our capabilities to design, implement, and embed them into our organizations. This is why I am so excited to be part of building this community of practice and honored to be the first president.

I’m so glad you are here! Ask questions. Share your experiences. Join us in the conversation. And help us spread the word!

I look forward to engaging with you as you begin your journey with the Workflow Learning & Performance Alliance. I’m very open to any feedback or suggestions you may have as we get started together.

Warm Regards,

Katie Coates, Ph.D.
President, Workflow Learning & Performance Alliance